Last Day of School

Please click here to do the End of Summer Academy Survey!


Saving your website & Presentations tomorrow

Do Now: Complete Mystudiyo quiz and add to website. Complete the packet of individual questions that I should have given you Tuesday.

Today you will get a WEBSITE CHECKLIST to help you make sure your website is complete. You’ll also get a list of PRESENTATION QUESTIONS that I would like you to answer on Friday.

Please watch the slideshow below and follow the directions to make sure you save and publish your website correctly:

How to Save Your Website slideshow

Last Tuesday: Individual Work on Your Topic

Do Now: You should have already completed your MyStudiyo quiz. If you’re done, ask Mr. D to show you how to add it to your website (Synthasite).

After you’re done with your quiz: You will be working on your own individual packet of math problems about your topic. You should use the resources you put on your website along with any other websites you can find to help you.

Here is our schedule for the rest of the week:

  1. Wednesday: Field Trip
  2. Thursday: Prepare for presentation, correct work packets
  3. Friday: Presentations, end of Summer Academy surveys

Last Monday of Summer Academy!

Do Now: If you didn’t finish (or start) your quiz on Mystudiyo, go and work on it now. Mr. D will show you how to add it to your website.

Today’s Assignment: After finishing your quiz and adding it to your website, each of you will get a packet of math problems about your topic. You can use anything from your website (or anything else on the Internet) to help you complete them.

Try to finish at least half of the problems today. We will complete the packet tomorrow.

You are all making great progress! Thank you for your hard work.


Do Now: Go to MyStudiyo and search for a quiz to take on any topic you want.

The Last Part of Your Websites: You will make a quiz on your topic for other students to take. We will use MyStudiyo. Go to MyStudiyo and sign up. Then:

  1. Select option 1, “Create & Go”
  2. Pick a Design
  3. Pick a name (include your topic!)
  4. Create 5-10 questions on your topic.
  5. SAVE! We will add the quiz to our websites on Monday.

Where Can I Get Questions??

  1. Make them up
  2. From the links on your websites
  3. From your work for other math classes
  4. Click here to find questions from previous MCAS exams to use.
  5. Ask Mr. D

Website Checklist: Make sure this is all finished by today!

  • 10 links (with descriptions))
  • At least 1 video
  • At least 1 picture
  • Publish and email address to Mr. D
  • Quiz (we can finish on Monday if needed)

When You Are Finished: Check out the games on Math Playground. Or play Lemonade Stand!

Welcome Back Thursday!

1. Do Now: Look at these pictures from yesterday’s trip (I used a website called ShowBeyond to put the pictures together into this presentation).

2. Sketchcast – Sign up for an account (use your class email).  Mr. D will show you how to use Sketchcast so we can add it to our websites.

3. What Needs to Be Done by Tomorrow: At this point, your website (on Synthasite) should have:

  • Ten links (with descriptions)
  • At least one video
  • At least one picture
  • Your site should be published (click Publish My Site when editing your Synthasite) and email the address to Mr. D (

Two for Tuesday

  1. Do Now: Watch the video below. While you’re watching, think about what kind of video could you make to teach your topic?

  2. Do Now Part 2: Look at these pictures from Visual Classroom. What kind of pictures could you take around PCA to help teach your topic? Think about these as we plan to add to our websites.
  3. Mr. D will show you how to add and edit links on your website, how to add video, where to find/how to add pictures to your website, and how to PUBLISH your site so everyone can see it.
  4. You will… finish editing your links, look for video/pictures, and add more to your website. At the end of class you will publish your site!

Remember to SAVE your site frequently so you don’t lose your work.